Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random reading. RSI threat. Should have short-term goals.

After spending 3 days making comps for a fun project, I was very tired and had to rest for a day. Then, I had spent the next 3 days reading without any short-term goal which is not a good idea. I spent the last 5 days reading random stuff about Git, Vim, AppEngine, Python, Bash, RSI , and whatnot. I know that it all helps, but I will like to be more focused and have specific goals for each week and (even better) for each day.

I got Git Community Book printed long ago. Reading that has helped me understand how Git stores the snapshots and commits etc. I got a github account recently and created my first public repository today. Generating SSH key and pushing code was a nice experience. gitimmersion was also useful to get a feel of the work-flow. Committing frequency is a personal preference, I guess.

I have been suffering from serious pain in my arm, shoulder and neck. Though I haven't found the best posture at home, I think the major reason is hunting and pecking with my right hand. I have to learn touch typing, seriously. As I type very fast already, forcing myself to touch-type hasn't been possible because it slows me down considerably. I need to get an ergonomic {chair, table, keyboard} when I move to a new place., Vimcasts are brilliant. I have learned some cool tricks and am already putting them to use. Learning vim scripting (with and w/o Python) is definitely on the list. I knew very little bash scripting, have read a basics tutorial and need to explore more. I understand that "regret for wasted time is more wasted time", but I couldn't help regretting having wasted all those days in college and after that. I could have learned and enjoyed so so much. It's never too late and those days are not going to come back anyway.

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