Sunday, January 16, 2011

I pick up speed but slow down again

I have spent some time on reading about decorators in Python. The name always sounded as if it was a novel concept and would take time for me to understand. But, it is just one of those obvious features in functional languages. Functions being first-class objects in Python, they can be passed to and returned by functions. I have found that looking at the docs before reading tutorials will help for understanding language features and syntax. We can't always say that for libraries though.

CSS3 for Web Designers is a well written, short, good book. I understood some terminology that appears on almost all design websites when they talk about css3. Transitions, transformations, multiple backgrounds, animations are all simple but powerful tools in any designer's arsenal. The way some powerful features like these silently seep into the current front-end technologies is what impresses me most in HTML5.

I suddenly find myself spending more time on front-end design and development. I haven't done a single photoshop mock-up yet. It depends on what you are going to make. I feel more comfortable marking up straight away, but I understand the importance of mock-ups in web design. It's time to start hustling.

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